The 'Vector Brothers' aka Jonny Vector & Nick V create a paparazzi buzz with your event photography.

First impressions are everything. Our 1950's paparazzi photographers, Jonny Vector & Nicky V, will make your event guests feel like VIPs from the moment they get out of the car, walk in the door or place a toe on the red carpet.

We have thought long and hard about this service, from the costume and camera models to how we interact with guests, from the initial 'big flash' entrance to competing with each other to get that first vital shot. Guests often join in with the spirit and begin posing individually and in groups. Of course we use our intuition and events photography experience and know when to be the pushy pap and when to take a more fly-on-the-wall reportage photography approach.

Our first paparazzi photography engagement was with a large law firm. The Company director told us we'd created a real buzz. When we asked her where she wanted us to send the photographs she looked confused - she thought we were actors pretending to be photographers! But, oh no, you get the paparazzi act AND plenty of images too!

All your event photography images are uploaded to our viewing and purchasing platform that same night. You can also put them on the Vector Facebook page for tagging, comments etc. Our paparazzi service can be combined with the V mobile studio and our reportage photography throughout the night.

Yours truly

Jonny Vector & Nicky V

1950's Paparazzi PORTFOLIO

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