Drone Photography and video, also known as aerial photography, has become one of the most desired types of photography in the past year or so. It is almost like everyone now wants a drone image on their website, in PR material or for a video.

What is essential to understand is that if you are looking to get a professional photographer to take some drone video or imagery, make sure they are licensed. Jonathan Emery of the Vector Team has a licence with the Civil Aviation Authority.

When done properly, drone video and photography will give you images that you would never expect to see in many different environments, enhancing your company profile and giving you the edge on your competitors.

So if you are looking for great imagery, please do not hesitate to contact our drone specialists. We work all over Yorkshire and wider afield, so get in touch today.

Please click on the 'AERIAL VIDEO' image link above (or here) to view our range of videos.


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