Crypt Factor

The Crypt Factor is yearly fundraiser fixture in the commercial property world with the likes of Blacks Solicitors, Bond Dickinson, Bruntwood, Morgans City Living and Town Centre Securities, while The Yorkshire Post is the event’s media partner.

The event is the form of the X-Factor with individuals, groups and performers from the firms in the business community, but also the effecvesent, funny, not s funny and occasionally rude judges!

We were asked three years ago to document the whole event for publicity for each coming year and for press (i.e Yorkshire evening Post). We continue to shoot the vent and capture all aspects of the event, from

1.    pre guest arrival of the stunning stage and av set up and layout of tables,
2.    capturing guest as they arrive in groups and individually, showing the anticipation of what is always a memorable night
3.    Capturing all the acts in full performance mode, from up close and as a whole and of course the judges!
4.    Getting the shot of people voting with their coloured pieces of paper and numerous expressions.
5.    Getting those key shots of the when the announcement of the winners are made.

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