Ison Harrison

Friendly, flexible, develop quick rapport with each employees to get the best picture, needed formal but with a bit of difference so decided to use a chair but allowed them to sit how they felt most comfortable. As a modern and expanding firm in a sector that can still be seen as a bit old school they pride themselves on the importance of having all staff online and photographed in a professional but approachable manner. Stuart Cretch the marketing manager there really appreciates our flexibility, coming in with a day’s notice on many occasions and keeping the photography consistent whichever office we are at.

We often have a lot of staff to get through in a short timescale but are always able to make the staff fee very comfortable in an instant, by being accommodating to each persons personality.

          We have also just recently been commissioned to take photos of each of their branches, with their new branding, shots of surrounding area and environmental/in situ portrait of the branch manager. As there are several branches we worked with the marketing coordinator for Ison Harrison - Stuart Cretch, to formulate a plan for getting all done within an agreed timescale, but allowing flexibility for staff availability and weather for the exterior property and locational photographs

We also provided aerial/drone shots of Leeds for their headquarters on Wellington Street, so give clients a reference as to where they’re located

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