Viv Parry

Viv Parry is an entrepreneur who has built several businesses from scratch including Exquisite Hand Made Cakes. When she started her new consultancy business she came to us for some portrait photography. The business is really about giving business people the support, skills but the enthusiasm needed to achieve their goals. Viv is a charismatic lady full of energy, definitely not boring! Knowing this we wanted to capture all these qualities in her portraits. While we knew she wouldn’t need much assistance in performing for the camera, we needed to get the right setting for the shoot. 

We toyed with a number of ideas, but realised we wanted a place where we could get different types of shots and poses not just a plain office. We both thought about this and came up with the same location. A quirky office, conference and meeting rooms project called Shine We got permission from the manager to shoot there at 5 o’clock after most of users had left. As you can see from the results we really captured all that Viv is about and as such is now attracting the sort of clients she wanted or indeed need her!

Viv can be contacted @vivjparry Linkedin and FB



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