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Vector Photography has a particular affinity with the built environment and undertakes commissions for building photography as well as planning and architecture photography. Jonathan Emery MRICS, trained as a chartered surveyor and since 19 has been an owner, valuer and agent. He has had first-hand experience of all types and aspects of property marketing and what potential stake holders want to see. From showing a building in its locational perspective, including aerial photography, to creating an architectural slant or recreating exactly what the eye sees, Vector can ensure it reflects the client’s exact needs.

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Built Environment

What We Offer

Through our experience and expertise of building photography we can offer advice and guidance as to the ideal way to portray your particular building or property, either on the web, or in print.

  • Products for Completed Buildings - We can provide architects, developers, surveyors and builders with high quality bespoke building photography & video of any size and style to suit their individual requirements. With printing on glass or any other substrate including wood and metal. Our versatility of finish enables us to provide our clients with a truly unique product.
  • Aerial Photography & Video - We can also offer Aerial photography for those birds eye views so your building can be seen in context of its surrounding environment. We have fully qualified pilots registered with the UK Civil Aviation Authority for aviation work. Gallery click here
  • Interior Design Photography - Vector also understands the portrayal of interior design through photography and is able to translate any lifestyle mood through lighting. We are able to offer stylistic lifestyle photography with specific images to client requirements and will ensure that the project brief is realised.
  • Time Lapse Photography & Video - If you have a project whose hard work over a particular time period you wish to present, whether it be an interior or full blown phased scheme, we can condense this into an engaging short video.

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