Hillhead 2018 Plant and Machinery Exhibition

30 July 2018

Last month we travelled to Derbyshire to shoot Hillhead 2018 Plant and Machinery Exhibition. Despite having been to this kind of exhibition before it's always quite awe inspiring with the diversity, amount and of course size of some of the equipment with 546 exhibitors altogether and a record 20,000 visitors. Working alongside Saward Marketing & Events (https://saward-me.com) we set about our task to shoot some marketing material for several of the exhibitors inc. Telestack, Bell, Hyundai and CMS Cepcor to name just 3. We started very early before the public arrived so as to get the stands and equipment in their best state, but also throughout the day to tell a story and show the engagement levels with attendees, whether, current clients, potential buyers or general public .

The feedback from the clients has been fantastic. Before they'd have a few phone photos, but being so busy couldn't dedicate themsleves to getting quality photography. These photos have been used extensively and to great interactive effect post event through social media channels, communication with current and potential clients, as well as marketing material for brochures and industry magazines.

Marketing coordinator Samantha from Telestack commented that 'we are always short of high quality imagery and these will really help engage with our clients and potential future clients, post event'.

All in all a hot, sunny, dusty but crucially successful event was had and we look forward to Plantworx 2019...Hopefully with the aid of some sun this time!

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Hillhead 2018 Plant and Machinery Exhibition

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