How to choose the best photographer for your occasion

20 February 2017

We can all pick up a camera and take pictures, but it takes a professional photographer to get the best out of every situation. Photography has become such a big part of planning events now, whether it is your wedding, birthday party, music video, documentary, or other events. A professional photographer will be able to capture the most memorable moments in your life.

Make a list of all the professional photographers in your area, they will all have online profiles and if they don’t have any pictures online then they will be able to show you a portfolio of the work they have done. This should be the biggest factor in deciding who you want to hire for your occasion. All photographers will have at least a slightly different style and choosing one that you like is a great start.

Next, you’ll need to check that they can do the event that you went them too. If you like their style but they don’t normally do the event that you’re hosting or organising then talk to them about it, if they’re not so sure then go to the next photographer you like to find one that has covered similar events before but most will be open to any event. If you want a particular photographer, then just ask if they’re willing to photograph your event if they’ve never done it before.

Price is also a factor that you must consider. Yes, if you like a specific photographer then approach them about a price. If they’re truly too expensive compared to others, then don’t feel like you can’t compromise. At the end of the day they’re all professionals and they will all take good pictures, choosing one that suites your budget is also very important.

Make sure that the photographer you want checks all your most important boxes, you’re asking them to photograph something that you want to remember for the rest of your life and you can be paying a considerable amount of money for it. These are memories that will last a lifetime and making sure you have the right photographer is crucial.

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How to choose the best photographer for your occasion

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