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Interior design photography is very much a balance of an artistic eye, dressing of the room and technical artificial lighting skills balanced with natural light. High end interior design photography or ‘magazine shots’ are essential to able to present a lifestyle to the end customer, as that is what they are buying into, and essentially gain you more business quicker. Vector provides those overall wow shots using our eye, lighting and editing techniques to create the desired mood of the room. In addition though we understand the nuances, details of design and different features, whether that be the driftwood table, specialised tiling or refurbished flooring, that have been really thought through, and as such shoot aspects or individual areas at the right interesting angles that add further emotion, feeling and ultimately high value. Whether it is a rustic kitchen, modern bedroom, funky loft conversion or a minimalistic bathroom Vector Photography will ensure the imagery represents and enhances the high quality of the design and workmanship.

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