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NICK SWALESLinkedIn Profile

From an early age I picked up a 35mm SLR Pentax K1000 and straight away fell In love with the ability to Capture the imagination and Create a lasting memory.

As a family man with 2 kids I appreciate the importance of capturing your little ones as they develop, you don't get that time back with them!

My photography career started at one of the largest international school photography companies, where I specialised in Large Group photography. I have worked in the industry now for over 12 years covering all areas of photography.

Jonathan Emery

Jonathan has been surrounded by art and photography from a very early age. He brings a wealth of experience and skills from other areas including international ski professional and surveyor. Now at the forefront of Yorkshire photography, Jonathan’s work encompasses atmospheric depictions of the built environment, cityscapes and landscapes.


Howell is one of our newest members of the team and is currently a student at Staffordshire University in Stoke-On-Trent. There he is specialising in short films and documentaries, however he is also branching out into commercial videos, as well as capturing the moment for wedding films.

Howell has good verbal communication skills which ensures he understands client briefs at all times, an eye for a good angle or shot, and most importantly, is great at working as part of a team and being flexibile when things dont always go quite to plan.

Because he is still a student, he is learning new skills everyday which ensure Vector Photography and Video stay ahead of the game at all times when it comes to technological advancements.



Jessica Walker

Jessica is a key member of the Vector team, although she doesnt always get the limelight. As part of our events team for over two years, she assists with everything from the running our photo studio to the overall event. 

Also a qualified swimming instructor, Jessica is clearly a people person. She loves spending time with family and friends and actively learning new skills in photography, all the time along with new processing techniques when running events. She is a huge asset to the team.




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