Vector team visit Plantworx

11 August 2017

Jonathan of the Vector team visited the plantworx exhibition last month after working with one of the exhibitors at the event who invited the team down to have a look round and talk to other exhibitors.

The day, whilst being incredibly muddy and wet, was very enjoyable and we managed to make a lot of good connections, whilst talking about some of the photography and video services we can provide for businesses in the construction sector.

One of the most interesting people we met was a salesman for Molson, who had just sold a digger to one of our clients Mone Brothers, whose photos you can see on our website by clicking here. We were able to show them some of the imagery of their digger in-situ which impressed him massively, and he mentioned that their business did not have any imagery like this.

Furthermore, we got speaking to a few businesses about the importance of good imagery in brochures and on websites, and many have been interested in some of our offerings.
Overall, it was a very good, and wet, day, but allowed us to showcase what we can do to a completely new sector.

Plantworx is The UK's live showcase event for construction professionals interested in Construction Equipment, Plant, Tools & Services; highlighting new construction equipment, on-site services, alongside live machine and tool demonstrations.

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Vector team visit Plantworx

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