Why is good photography so important?

23 March 2016

As a photography, we know that a good image can do the hard work for you. It is no surprise that estate agents pay professionals for their photos as the images sell the property.

If you are having a website built, the same rule applies and thus, it is widely recognised that using a professional photography company to take pictures of projects, products or even your team helps to elevate the website to another level.

At Vector Photography, we work closely with a number of Yorkshire based web Design and Marketing Agencies helping them do just that for their clients. The old adage that a photo tells 1000 words has never been more true online and partnered with impressive design and good SEO content can well enhance your website beyond that of your competitors. Unfortunately, poor photography can cripple your brand image and despite the works being of a great standard, give the feel that you are a mediocre company.

With this in mind, what else should you consider when choosing a professional photography company?

Can you find a company that specialises in taking photography for your imagery, or like the Vector Brothers, has a drone that can be used for a number of different sectors? Picking wisely here will not only give you good images, but make the whole process run easier as they will be aware of any pitfalls.

Be careful to not overdo photography on a website. Not enough is bad, but too much that doesn’t provide information on the job can be bad too. You need to work closely with a web developer to ensure you get the right message but you also don’t bore the client or make it difficult to find key information like a contact form or a phone number.

If you would like to know more on how Vector Photography can help you enhance your website through great imagery, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team. With specialisms in built environment, schools and much more, we can tailor a package around your needs.

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Why is good photography so important?

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